Terms and conditions

Buying and owning our IDs are legal! But beware: Our fantasy IDs are only intended and suitable for private purposes, the use in legal relations is prohibited !

The products purchased and delivered from International-ids.com are explicitly for private use only and to be understood as "fun articles". The fantasy ID cards represent only a sample, or a novelty, which may not be used in general daily public use. They have no official status, are not official documents or certificates of any kind. They may not be used in legal transactions. They also dont empower the holder to any rights or privileges.

The dissemination of false or fraudulant information is prohibited and may be unlawful. In first line this regards the use of the supplied International-ids.com cards for proof of age or status detection, particularly with false information about the identity and / or age.

The products supplied by International-ids.com are not as some kind of proof and must not be used as such. The cards are not official, nor are they copies / counterfeits. Missuse of our products is unlawful, regardless of whether as a result of inaccurate representation, fraud, abuse in the public or otherwise.

The client guarantees with the purchase of our products that he / she will not use it in legal relations, in public or for unlawfull purposes and will not differ any blame to International-ids.com.

International-ids.com is in no way liable for any (direct, indirect, incidental, special, typical, consequential) loss or damage caused by using our ID cards. When in doubt, the customer shall neither involve nor blame us for any personal or third party damages.

Owning our made up/imaginary/fantasy IDs may be banned or illegal in some regions. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the possession of these cards is allowed in your area before you purchase a card with us.

Our products are produced in good faith and under strict rules. Nevertheless, it may happen that one of our products could have one or more printing errors in the form of small color deviations, discoloration, scratches or strokes. Should these misprints occur in small numbers and minor size in one product, this does not constitute a claim for compensation by the client. With rough and very big printing errors, which cause that the overall picture of your ID is impaired and differs greatly from the image template in the respective product information, we commit ourselves by adequate justification, to provide a replacement. A justified claim for compensation must be notified immediately by email along with the return of the original product by post as justification.

In our print production process the edges of our cards remain white, a small clearances of about 1-2mm, which can not be printed and hence the color of the card shows (usually white). This unavoidable, optical deviation shall not be considered as a misprint or deficiency and thus legitimized, therefore no replacement / refund or touch-up claim is possible or accepted.

The data transmitted by the client is printed onto the products without further consideration on our behalf. Should the client have supplied faulty or incomplete data, we would like you to notify us, International-ids.com, immediately via email. Once International-ids.com has started the production of the ordered products, a subsequent amendment of article-related data is no longer possible. International-ids.com is not liable for incorrectly transmitted data of the contracting party, in particular not for pictures which were sent in insufficient quality.

International-ids.com assures the information and data supplied by the client will be used with absolute confidentiality. Due to the electronic transmission of data between the client and International-ids.com absolute protection of confidential data and information can not be guaranteed. It is possible that third parties take unauthorized access to electronically transmitted data and information however once in the hands of International-ids.com we ensure and follow a privacy policy guarantee.

Some images used on this website are from different sources across the Internet, and are assumed to be in public domain and are displayed under the fair use principle. I provide information on the image's source and author whenever possible, and I will link back to the owner's website wherever applicable. *limo picture - http://www.903limos.com/

If you are the owner of the images and you believe that their use on this site is in violation of any copyright law, then please contact me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

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